RS virus: intensive care physicians on the possible end of the infection wave

Day care centers, kindergartens and schools are being inundated by a wave of RS virus infections. The curve of cases is still rising steeply – maybe not for much longer. But the problems of the children’s hospitals have to be solved now.

The many cases of infection with the RSvirus push the children’s hospitals to the limit. How is the situation in Munich at the moment?

Just as catastrophic as elsewhere in Germany also. The four large Munich children’s hospitals have not had a vacant bed for weeks, and all four have been logged out of the rescue control center.

How many beds are occupied by children suffering from RSV or other respiratory infections?

We don’t have exact figures, but it can be assumed that up to half of the beds are currently occupied by such children. When we talk about the RS viruses in particular, these are mostly infants, rarely two or three year olds. For the older ones, the virus is usually no longer so dangerous.

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