Royals tell-all books: Is Camilla going to be the big loser?

Investigative books about royals
Will Camilla become the big loser?

How is King Consort Camilla portrayed in the new tell-all books?

How is King Consort Camilla portrayed in the new tell-all books?

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New revealing books by and about the royals are currently causing a stir. Doesn't the Queen Consort Camilla come off well?

Not only since the death of Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022) have insiders and royal experts been dealing with the alleged disputes in the British royal family. New tell-all books take a very different look at one person in particular: Queen Consort Camilla (75).

Excerpts from the book "The New Royals" by journalist Katie Nicholl, which is based on reports by an alleged family friend of the Sussexes, are available to "Vanity Fair". It claims that it is primarily due to the British royal family that the dispute with Prince Harry (38) and Duchess Meghan (41) has not yet been resolved. So Harry actively made suggestions for reconciliation, which, however, caused ridicule on the other side. It reads: "Harry suggested hiring an arbitrator to settle the matter. This amused Charles and Camilla spat out her tea. She told Harry that it was silly and that we should settle it among ourselves." This conversation therefore took place in the spring of 2022 and happened at the request of today's King Charles III. (73).

Tina Brown (68), who once wrote a biography of Princess Diana (1961-1997), declared at the end of August in an interview with "The Daily Beast"that Camilla should also fear Prince Harry's announced memoirs. "The Queen has been able to stabilize after the death of Diana, while Charles has constantly struggled to escape from these spirits. Camilla's image rehabilitation has been hugely successful, but she now lives in fear of Harry's book. In a way, Diana's is shaking Ghost still at the door."

Journalist and royal expert Angela Levin has written a new biography of the Queen Consort. Citing an insider, she explains according to excerpts in The Daily Telegraph in her work "Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: From Outcast to Queen Consort" that Camilla tried to help Duchess Meghan, especially in the early days. She is said to have held private lunches with her and tried to welcome Prince Harry's wife into the family. However, the latter reacted "bored and indifferent" and preferred to "go their own way".

Prince Andrew versus King Charles III?

The book could also provide further topics of conversation about the disgraced Prince Andrew (62). Levin claims that Andrew wanted to prevent that Charles takes a seat on the throne. According to the statement, Prince Andrew had "lobbied hard" in the hope that his brother would not receive the crown. He is also said to have tried to persuade the Queen to prevent Charles and Camilla's wedding. Andrew was "pretty toxic, unhelpful and very mean to Camilla."

In addition, during the lifetime of Princess Diana apparently made plans with her and his then-wife Sarah Ferguson (62) to "push Prince Charles aside" so that Charles' son Prince William (40) became king immediately and Andrew acted as his regent. The Queen has therefore vehemently contradicted her son. For her, his behavior is said to have been "extremely uncomfortable" and "very, very negative".


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