Royals are said to be sad about Harry and Meghan

DAccording to reports from British tabloids, the Royal Family was saddened by the first episodes of the Netflix documentary by Prince Harry and his wife Duchess Meghan responded. The royal family is “in a state of sadness,” wrote the Sun on Friday night. There is no way back into the inner circle, the newspaper quoted palace insiders as saying. The Mirror wrote that Harry’s older brother Prince William was “pissed off”.

The heir to the throne was particularly upset that Netflix used scenes from his mother Princess Diana’s famous BBC interview, in which she reported on the affair of her ex-husband Charles, now the king, in 1995. William assumed that the excerpts would never be shown again and that he would agree with his brother. Now he feels cheated. According to The Mirror, William and his wife Princess Kate found statements by Harry “particularly painful” suggesting that the men in the family did not marry for love.

In the Netflix production “Harry & Meghan”, the first three episodes of which the streaming giant Netflix had aired on Thursday, the couple addressed not only the royal family’s involvement with the British tabloid press but also its handling of British colonial history and racism. The remaining three episodes are scheduled to air next Thursday.

Conservative MP Bob Seely called for Harry and meghan to strip away the royal titles. “If you want to hate the monarchy, be Mr. Windsor,” Seely told The Sun. The couple is narcissistic and “terrible”. Critics also pointed out that Meghan poked fun at the late Queen and traditions when she quipped about her first meeting with Harry’s grandmother and mimicked an over-the-top curtsy.

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