“Rosamunde Pilcher”: The film series gets its own podcast

“Rosamunde Pilcher”
The film series will have its own podcast

Alexander-Klaus Stecher holds the record for the most appearances in the "Rosamunde Pilcher"-Film.  In his new podcast

Alexander-Klaus Stecher holds the record for the most appearances in the “Rosamunde Pilcher” films. His wife Judith Williams will also feature on his new podcast.

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Good news for all “Rosamunde Pilcher” fans: The popular films will be supplemented by the podcast “Britpod – England at its Best”.

On the tracks of Rosamunde Pilcher: On Sunday (December 11) the podcast “Britpod – England at its Best” will premiere. The two self-proclaimed “biggest Britain fans” Dr. Claus Beling (73) and Alexander-Klaus Stecher (54) take you into the great landscape of Cornwall.

“You’ve never seen England like this”

The hosts discovered their love for Great Britain through the stories of the British author Rosamunde Pilcher (1924-2019). In his function as the former head of entertainment at ZDF, Beling had brought the associated films to life. Under the pseudonym “Thomas Chatwin” he has been writing successful novels for many years, most of which are set in Cornwall.

engraver acted as an actor in a number of productions. The husband of “The Lion’s Den” judge Judith Williams (51) even holds the record for the actor with the most appearances in the films penned by the bestselling author.

In their podcast, the two now take the listeners to the home of the TV series. “You’ve never seen England like this before” they promise in the description of their podcast. They want to take a “look at the county, its residents and the legendary filming locations of the Pilcher films” in Cornwall. In doing so, they unravel mysteries surrounding the creation of the Pilcher novels and the resulting films.

Not a classic travel podcast

“Britpod – England At its best” but not. Because Beling and Stecher don’t get together after a trip. Rather, they record during it – including the sound of the sea, screaming seagulls and train announcements. This should give the audience the impression of being there themselves. With a mixture of detailed descriptions, exciting interviews and instructive background information, the longing for Cornwall should also be awakened.The eighth episode in the series has a special guest ready: Judith Williams answers questions from her husband Alexander-Klaus Stecher.

The first eight episodes of “Britpod – England at its Best” appear weekly on Sundays at 9am. Recording for the second season will start later this week when Stecher and Beling head to England again.


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