Rocket impact in Poland: history of an escalation spiral – politics

When a Russian-made rocket hits Poland, the world holds its breath for a moment. An attack? A miss? Then NATO will give the all-clear. The story of a dangerous spiral of escalation.


Daniel Brossler, Catherine Kahlweit and Hubert WetzelBrussels/Bali

Maybe it was the friendly light in the press room that gave Jens Stoltenberg’s face a bit of color. Perhaps the NATO Secretary General had gotten more sleep the night before than one would expect given the circumstances. But maybe that’s what someone looks like who is very, very relieved. Someone who has had to ponder for a few hours whether this is the moment that everyone has been dreading for months – the moment when the war Moscow is waging in Ukraine will spread westward . To where the territory of Nato begins and with it the risk that everything will become even more terrible.

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