Robert Habeck sets the wrong priorities

Robert Habeck sets the wrong priorities

Mith partisan tactics on nuclear power, the Green Super Minister for Economics and Energy has made himself vulnerable. Robert Habeckwho otherwise likes to appear to be selflessly serving the country, follows the motto “first the party, then the country” when it comes to nuclear power.

With that he puts in the companies and citizens existentially threatening energy crisis the wrong priorities. His decision to take one of the only three remaining nuclear power plants off the grid and keep the others in reserve for a few months only pro forma exacerbates the shortage situation and thus the price shock. In the interests of the country, the Union would do well not to let up. However, she is welcome to combine the sharp attacks on the government with self-criticism of her own zigzag course over the past 16 years towards the use of safe German nuclear power plants.

Habeck misses opportunities at nuclear power to alleviate the crisis from the root as best as possible – and still avert the forecast recession. This puts him in a weak position in relation to the economy, which is now demanding more state aid in the form of the bakers. He quickly wants to add a “rescue package” for smaller companies that are not in international competition. However, the statement that “we will provide the companies with all the help” again raises unfulfillable expectations.

Unlike during the pandemic, when individual industries were in lockdown, politicians will find it difficult to set criteria for targeted, temporary aid. The shock in energy prices caused by Russia’s aggression is only part of the sharp surge in inflation that the ECB only now really fought. It may be years before the situation eases. The traffic light cannot save companies and consumers from having to adapt to the higher costs, but only alleviate the initial shock a little. Of course, the bakers who have felt let down so far also have a right to this. But they will have to bake smaller rolls if the whole country loses prosperity.

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