RKI: Corona incidence increased slightly - number of severe cases stable

MSeveral key figures indicate a slight increase in the number of corona infections in Germany. The nationwide seven-day incidence, for example, rose 11 percent last week compared to the previous week, according to the report Robert Koch Institute (RKI) from Thursday evening on Covid-19. The increase was strongest in the 50 to 84 age group. The report mainly relates to the past week.

The basis for calculating the incidence are laboratory tests, which are now being carried out less frequently than in previous phases of the pandemic. However, the RKI also recorded slight increases in additional estimated values ​​for people suffering from Covid-19 and for doctor visits for this reason. In addition, the number of reported corona outbreaks in medical facilities and nursing homes has increased.

In the case of severe Covid-19 diseases (hospital/intensive care unit), no trend reversal towards a rebound has been recorded so far: there is talk of the values ​​stabilizing on a plateau.

In general, the RKI continues to speak of a high infection pressure in all age groups. According to random sample data, the omicron subline BA.5 still accounts for the vast majority of cases (around 96 percent).

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