Right-wing networks in Mexico: Klandestin organized

From the illegal subculture clubs to the affluent districts, right-wing extremist forces are currently moving through Mexico City.

View over Mexico City.

Location of right networks: View over Mexico City Photo: Carlos Jasso/Reuters

If you rummage through the tables of the many booksellers in Mexico City or the stands of Mexican book fairs, you will almost inevitably come across Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”. Whether conspicuously presented or hidden among esoteric tomes, conspiracy nonsense decorated with Stars of David and bestsellers of the last millennium, there is always an edition of the Nazi pamphlet somewhere. It’s unpleasant, but up until now it had something odd about it, something that had fallen out of time. At least the propaganda was not reflected in social life.

The news that the daily newspaper recently reported was all the more frightening El País caused a stir. At the end of October, 300 neo-Nazis came to a concert in the central Santa María la Libera neighborhood of Mexico City. In the Salón Pentatlón they danced under the motto “The Empire Strikes Back” to three Mexican and two Spanish bands. Most of the many visitors and a few female visitors were skinheads, their tattoos showed Hitler and swastikas.

The lyrics of the Sun City Skins or the Ejecución 1980, which came together under the label “Rock against Communism”, left no doubt. “Hang and burn the filthy gays who are messing up my town,” they roared from the stage, while fans yelled “Heil Hitler” and raised their right arms.

The concert was organized clandestinely. The cards were distributed by the Mexican “Editorial Heidelberg”, a publisher that offers books such as “Interview with Hitler” and works about the Bund deutscher Mädel. You can also find titles that can be used across the board, such as the “Manifesto of the National Anarchist Movement”.

Mexico City authorities responded quickly. A few days after the concert, they closed the Salón Pentatlón for formal reasons – the lack of a concession. Fascism represents racism and classism in its highest form, said Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum, emphasizing: “This is a progressive city.”

Right-wing extremists from all over the world arrive

Just as disturbing as the Nazi party was a convention held in Mexico City over the weekend. They met in the posh district of Santa Fe US-based “Conservative Political Action Conference” (CPAC). Far-right politicians from all over the world came to discuss their fight against abortion, defending the family and founding a political party in Mexico. Invited speakers included potential Argentine presidential candidate Javier Milei and Trump adviser Steve Bannon.

Militant Catholic opponents of abortion and right-wing radicals such as Juan Iván Peña Neder, the president of the México Republicano movement, are also involved in the CPAC. the daily newspaper Reforma according to him he is said to have founded a fascist and anti-Semitic secret organization and to worship Hitler. He considers indigenous peoples to be inferior beings. México Republicano could become the party the CPAC is discussing. A spokesman for the organization promises up to 50 out of 500 seats in parliament.

At first glance, that might be an exaggeration. However, it cannot be ruled out that a dangerous force similar to the AfD will emerge on the far right in Mexico. The opposition to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has so far been unable to the popular left-wing politician to stand up to In the course of polarization, which the head of state himself is driving, a racist and homophobic force could fish for votes from the middle-right camp. As we know from Germany, neo-Nazis are quite conducive to this development.

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