Right of Asylum for Russian Deserters – Politics

Right of Asylum for Russian Deserters - Politics

The German legal situation is clear: soldiers who would probably be implicated in war crimes can be recognized as refugees. Another hurdle is higher for affected Russians.


Wolfgang JanischKarlsruhe

The Russian mobilization has actually increased mobility, only differently than planned: queues of cars in the direction of Georgia, fully booked flights to Istanbul and a wave of emigration to Finland are evidence that many Russians are leaving – especially men of military age. It is still unclear how Russian conscientious objectors will be dealt with. Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) has promised them protection, but the first crisis meeting of the EU ambassadors at the European level has not yet brought a solution. According to European asylum law, the legal starting point is pretty clear. Anyone who evades Vladimir Putin’s mobilization has a good chance of being recognized as a refugee.

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