Ricarda Lang accuses Volker Wissing of blocking climate protection

Grünen boss Ricarda Lang calls for the transport minister Volker Wissing (FDP) more measures for climate protection. “Every sector, every area has to deliver. And that applies in particular to the transport sector, which is still lagging behind,” said Lang on Thursday in Berlin. The Expert Council for Climate Issues had previously rejected Wissing’s climate plan as completely inadequate. On Thursday, the experts who are examining the climate programs on the statutory mandate of the federal government determined that his emergency program was “already without sufficient claim to begin with”.

There are many possible approaches in the transport sector. For example, the Greens are campaigning for a reform of the company car privilege, want to extend the 9-euro ticket in local transport and are demanding a speed limit on German autobahns. “But what’s not possible is just saying ‘no’ all the time,” he says Long. “Because the challenge is too great for that.” After all, Germany wants to become climate-neutral. It needs a jolt. A comprehensive immediate climate protection program must be in place by September in order to be able to meet the 2030 targets.

With the immediate climate protection programs presented by the government for the building and transport sectors, Germany is in danger of falling further short of its climate targets in these areas, according to an independent panel of experts. The Council of Experts for Climate Issues announced on Thursday in Berlin that there is still a large gap in efforts to reduce greenhouse gases in transport. Environmental groups reacted with outrage.

Environmental aid announces lawsuit

“According to the Ministry of Transport, the emergency program for the transport sector saves only 14 megatons of greenhouse gas emissions, so that there is still a mathematical performance gap of 261 megatons by 2030,” explained Brigitte Knopf, Deputy Chairwoman of the Expert Council.

The ministry has only presented plans to fill the gap in emissions from the previous year, which is “a very specific interpretation” of the Climate Protection Act. In addition, the house of Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) referred to the Federal Government’s planned comprehensive immediate climate protection program, which the Expert Council will also examine. The experts have therefore dispensed with a comprehensive examination of the immediate transport programme. “In the transport sector, the overarching emergency climate protection program will have to go considerably beyond the sectoral emergency program that has been submitted,” said Knopf.

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