Return of Lionel Messi: Barça boss confident in the “miracle”.

Return of Lionel Messi: Barça boss confident in the “miracle”.

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

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FC Barcelona continue to dream of Lionel Messi’s return and believe it is possible.

FC Barcelona vice-president Eduard Romeu is confident the club would find a way Lionel Messi to retrieve.

The club’s financial problems forced Messi last year Barca somewhat reluctantly to leave and move to PSG – but now rumors are mounting that there could be a sensational return soon.

sources have opposite 90 mins approvedthat Barcelona are currently looking for ways to fund such a transfer.

With Messi’s contract expiring at the end of the season, the Catalans would not have to pay a fee – but the Argentine could theoretically opt for another year in the club Paris decide if he wants. The biggest hurdle in an extension would be the salary and earnest money anyway.

Nonetheless Romeo confident that Barcelona can find a solution and allow Messi a miraculous Camp Nou return.

“If the club wants to bring him back then we will get to work,” he told a press conference. “We know how to make miracles happen. The door is always open for Messi.”

While FC Barcelona are still struggling financially and are pressuring high-earning players to take pay cuts, Romeu is confident Messi could still be afforded.

“Financially it would be possible because if he did come back it would be as a free agent,” he said. “But that’s a decision that has to be made by the coaching staff and the player. It’s out of my hands. It would be doable, although it’s not in the budget [eingeplant] have… but it will be a sporting decision first.”

The desire for Messi’s return is far more than just a matter of gut feeling, as the 35-year-old has put in an excellent performance this season and would therefore be an outstanding addition to the squad despite his age.

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