Retirement for AfD judge Maier: decision of the service court

Dhe earlier AfD-Member of the Bundestag Jens Maier is retired. That was decided by the service court for judges in Leipzig on Thursday. It was “imperative” to retire Maier “to avert a serious impairment of the administration of justice,” said the presiding judge. The court thus confirmed an urgent decision from spring, in which it had suspended Maier from service at the request of the Saxon Ministry of Justice.

Stephen Locke

Correspondent for Saxony and Thuringia based in Dresden.

After his defeat in the federal election, Maier had applied for a return to the judiciary, to which he was entitled. In the main proceedings, the Free State had applied for Maier’s final retirement in order to avert serious damage to the judiciary. Maier himself stayed away from the hearing. His lawyer argued that the proceedings were never about Maier’s work as a judge, but only about statements made outside of his office and that the application should therefore be rejected.

However, the court saw it differently. Judges are also subject to a rule of moderation outside of their office and in their political activities. However, Maier did not stick to this, as illustrated by almost two dozen cases during the hearing. This involved numerous entries by Maier Facebook and Twitter, where he is said to have described, among other things, a son of Boris Becker as “half-negro” and Muslimas as “barn owls”. The court ruled that Maier could no longer credibly administer justice. An appeal against the judgment is possible.

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