Restaurant Jonas in the Templer serves tapas and wagyu in Mainz

EThere are pearls that lie hidden in a backyard, in Mainz for example, one such restaurant is called “Jonas im Templar”. The leaseholder and chef de cuisine is the chef Jonas Berger, who was last in Kiedrich. In Mainz, some may still know him from his time at Le Bon Bon, a former theater that has been a stage for culinary delights for several years.

Before Berger renovated it and opened it under his name a year ago, the Templer was a restaurant with an attractive but not extravagant menu (quiche with asparagus and tomato, bread dumplings with mountain cheese) and even earlier a bodega. From a number of conversions since then, a wall can still be seen, which is said to have belonged to the property of the Knights Templar and to a larger property that they had in the old town of Mainz in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. The owner of the whole thing is the Masonic lodge The Friends of Harmony. The “Jonas im Templer” now has a beautiful covered courtyard in which guests can sit with a view of a high green wall, while the others, if they want, can watch the service dashing up and down the stairs into the restaurant.

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