Republican Kevin McCarthy supports him

Republican Kevin McCarthy supports him

DIt seems that he will be “arrested on Tuesday”. Donald Trump’s to have sprung from the imagination. But there are many indications that a New York grand jury is actually preparing to indict Trump as the first former president in American history: for forging documents and unfair campaign financing.

The local district attorney must then decide on the staging. Lead away in handcuffs in front of the world press? Release of prison photos? Or two sizes smaller? Alone: ​​Trump doesn’t believe in small numbers. He loves the victim role and has taken on the direction himself. Among other things, to solicit donations.

The old song of the witch hunt

This love of spectacle does not preclude Trump from hoping to orchestrate a popular uprising, as he did with the storming of the Capitol. The first return, however, has to sober him up. The old witch-hunt song is no longer enough to get Americans excited about him.

It is all the more bitter that Kevin McCarthy, as Washington’s (formally) most powerful Republican, nevertheless blows Trump’s horn and openly threatens the prosecutor with the withdrawal of federal funds. Yes, hush money to a porn actress seems like a petitesse after Trump’s various breaches of oath of office – but the law is the law. Republicans pose as the party of law and order, but they are now only the party of lies and Trump.

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