Report: Trouble between Zalazar and Kramer at Schalke

Report: Trouble between Zalazar and Kramer at Schalke

Rodrigo Zalazar

Rodrigo Zalazar

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At Schalke there was apparently trouble between Rodrigo Zalazar and Frank Kramer. The S04 coach accuses him of lacking fitness.

Apparently things are getting restless at Schalke 04: in a conversation between Frank Kramer and Rodrigo Zalazar, in which the coach explained the reasons for the current bank position, it is said to have become loud and emotional.

Some Schalke supporters are currently raging that Rodrigo Zalazar under Frank Kramer, far too little comes into play. They attribute it to a possible influence on their own game that could be important and positive. After all, there is a drastic lack of offensive creativity and relief.

That he last weekend was substituted on for just nine minutes at the Revierderby, also caused a lot of resentment and incomprehension.

Apparently not only with the fans, but also with Zalazar himself. The picture reports trouble between the 23-year-old and Frank Kramer. Accordingly, the coach wanted to explain to his player the day before the game why he was no longer in the starting XI - and why he was against the BVB would not do again.

Kramer with fitness accusation: Zalazar sees the reasoning as untrue

Primarily, Kramer apparently accuses him of not having enough of his fitness to work. Although the Uruguayan's qualities are appreciated, it is said "under the hood" that he can only recall his performance for about 30 minutes.

An accusation with which Zalazar is said to have not agreed at all. He emphasized a completely different self-perception and considered himself stronger than the competition. That should be meant above all against Dominick Drexler, who was in the first eleven under the S04 coach in every league game.

He did not agree with the reasoning of the coach. In the end, according to the report, he is said to have stormed out of the conversation quite angry. All of this happened last Friday.

It is quite conceivable that Kramer did not bring him into play for about 20 to 30 minutes, as was customary up to now - but only for the last few minutes. The midfielder was already irritated in the game and raged right after the first foul.

the picture also reports that Zalazar fell out with his consulting agency after the conversation. These days he announced the new partnership with "ICM Stellar Sports". In addition, the pressure on the national team should cause additional frustration. He was removed from the provisional squad. This means that participation in the World Cup has become less likely. Probably also as a result of the lower operating times at Schalke recently.

With Alex Kral there is said to be the next player who is frustrated. He played regularly at the beginning, while he certainly did not perform any worse than his teammates, but in the last few games he only found himself on the bench.

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