Report: Ice Age between Benzema and Deschamps

Report: Ice Age between Benzema and Deschamps

Report: Ice Age between Benzema and Deschamps

Karim Benzema, Didier Deschamps

Karim Benzema, Didier Deschamps

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Karim Benzema and Didier Deschamps’ relationship is said to be strained. This is probably one of the reasons why Benzema did not travel to Qatar for the World Cup final.

The French superstar Karim Benzma missed the WM due to injury. The footballer of the year would have been fit again for the final, but played no part in the plans of national coach Didier Deschamps. Apparently there is an Ice Age relationship between Deschamps and Benzema.

Karim Benzema is just one of many injured French superstars who missed the World Cup in Qatar due to injuries. This year’s Ballon d’Or winner was at least in the squad for the tournament, so theoretically he could have played in the final.

It is understandable that Deschamps trusts the players who have fought their way to the final and do not rely on Benzema at the last minute. Nevertheless, there is probably more to the non-nomination of the striker, who did not travel to the final in Qatar despite an invitation.

Report on rupture in Benzema and Deschamps relationship

As the L’Equipe reported there has been no contact between Benzema and the coaching staff since Benzema’s departure from Qatar just before the tournament. It can be heard from those close to Benzema that the superstar cannot match the training intensity of Deschamps had agreed. The treatment measures for his injury were also a thorn in Benzema’s side.

Despite his injury, Benzema wanted to stay with the team to be back in action when he was back in action. Deschamps is said to have sent the 34-year-old home. This is said to have caused a break in the relationship L’Equipe reportedly “something broke”.

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