Report: Bahn could receive additional money

Report: Bahn could receive additional money

Rehabilitation of the rail network

The federal government wants to give the railways more money for the renovation of the rail network than previously planned.

(Photo: dpa)

Berlin the Deutsche Bahn could receive more money from the federal government than previously planned due to the renovation backlog in the rail network, according to a media report. The Ministry of Finance is planning to provide an additional five to seven billion euros this year, the news portal “The Pioneer” learned from government circles. The money is therefore intended for the maintenance and rehabilitation of the network. The total financing requirement for the renovation of the network is now estimated at 86 billion euros.

The demand from the railways is also great because the construction costs have risen sharply in recent years. The group is already building at a record level – which contributed to numerous train delays last year. Starting next year, the most important rail corridors in the country are to be completely renovated.

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