Repair needed for longer term

fFor a term beyond the end of the year, the Isar 2 nuclear power plant in Bavaria would have to be shut down for about a week to repair a leak. “The energy company Preussen-Elektra informed the Federal Ministry for the Environment about an internal valve leak in the Isar 2 nuclear power plant during the technical talks about preparations for a standby reserve last week,” said a spokesman for the Federal Environment Ministry (BMUV) on Monday in Berlin.

There is no impairment of safety, it said. However, the kiln must be repaired in order to be available for power operation beyond the end of the year. The ministry announced that, based on the new situation, it now wants to examine whether Isar 2 can continue to be used as an emergency reserve for German energy production until mid-April, as the Federal Minister of Economics plans Robert Habeck provide.

According to the operator, the repair is not necessary if the nuclear power plant should end its power operation after December 31, 2022, as was the case with the nuclear phase-out decided in 2011, the ministry said. Bavaria’s nuclear supervisory authority has already been informed of the leak by the operator.

Standstill must take place in October

According to Preussen-Elektra, the standstill must take place in October because the fuel elements of the reactor core would have had too little reactivity in November to start the plant up again from the standstill, the BMUV announced. So far, the operator has always stated that the system will run at almost full capacity until the end of the year, the ministry said. The TÜV-Süd and various politicians from the CDU, CSU and FDP had repeatedly stated that Isar 2 was safe and could and must therefore be allowed to produce electricity beyond the end of the year.

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