Relationship: 5 clues that you are being emotionally exploited in the relationship

Benefit-Based Partnership
Are you being taken advantage of in your relationship? These five signs will give it away


It’s not easy to tell if you’re being taken advantage of in a relationship.

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A relationship is not always about the degree of love, some people enter into partnerships for the benefits in their own lives. However, there are signs that reveal whether it is true love or whether you are just being taken advantage of.

from one relationship In the best case, one should always benefit from it, such as love, security, closeness, affection and much more. A partnership should bring mostly positive things into life. However, there are limits. Some people choose their partner based on their overall benefit.

Advantage orientation is a big issue in today’s world. Everyone wants to get higher, faster, further, influencers hoard gifts from companies and discount coupons are a real hobby for some. But this trend does not stop at some relationships. However, this is not just about material and visible things, such as consumer goods or that someone only has the goal of living at the expense of their partner. Even when getting to know each other, one or the other chooses a useful profession in the dating portal, for example: lawyer, tax consultant, fitness trainer and many more. Wouldn’t it be nice if the new partner could work off your own tax return purely out of love?

Emotional exploitation in a relationship is harder to spot

But there is also the possibility that you will not necessarily be exploited financially or as a service provider, but on an emotional level. Psychotherapist Erin Leonard wrote in Psychology Today about five warning signs that your partner might be emotionally exploiting you:

  • The partner wants to be the center of attention and is always looking for recognition
  • The partner quickly feels disadvantaged, threatened or jealous. The consequence is that one hides successes in life, hides meetings with friends and simply does everything possible so that the other does not feel belittled
  • Symbiotic relationships are dangerous, some people tend to self-abandonment, take on all the partner’s interests and hobbies
  • You do and do and still have the feeling in the relationship that you are never enough
  • Your partner doesn’t show much interest in your opinion and usually thinks he’s right

These five warning signs could be a sign that your partner is only using you for their purposes, hobbies or feelings. A relationship should always be at eye level and the relationship between the interests and emotional reactions of the other person should be reasonably balanced. If the partnership becomes imbalanced, there are either frequent arguments or one person in the relationship falls short and permanently cuts back on their needs.

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