Reichsburger shop “Paradise Garden” in Hasselroth

Dhe Main-Kinzig district and the municipality of Hasselroth are opposed to the opening of a grocery store by the Reich citizen scene in the district of Neuenhaßlau. The occasion is an announcement on the Internet for an open day at the weekend in a “Paradise Garden”. Behind it is the 44-year-old “Citizen of the Kingdom of Germany” Jens Becker.

On the Internet, Becker, who introduces himself as a civil engineer and business lawyer, advertises for the company EWM, a “service provider for food, seminars and infrastructure in the Kingdom of Germany”. The seminars are about “Russian Light Food”. The participants should learn to become “more independent of physical food” and how they can “change over to a different metabolism” in their bodies. The store will also serve as a networking place for the “citizens of the kingdom”.

The district committee and the municipal board are alarmed. It was an attempt by the organization “Kingdom of Germany,” classified as anti-constitutional, to set up a meeting place in a property in Hasselroth for Reich citizen, self-government and other enemies of the constitution. “There is no tolerance in the Main-Kinzig district for groups that reject the Federal Republic’s constitution and fight against democratic and rule-of-law norms,” ​​said District Administrator Thorsten Stolz (SPD) and Mayor Matthias Pfeifer (Social Voters’ Association Hasselroth) on Tuesday.

After the plans became known, the district leadership instructed the district administration to examine the process. The same applies to the municipal administration. Stolz and Pfeifer call on state security to stop the initiative, which sees itself as a collection movement in the Reich citizen scene. Talks are to be held with the police and security authorities this week. Under the guise of retail activity, it is about recruiting more members and isolating yourself on a larger scale.

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