Referendum in Berlin on climate protection: Not without the citizens

Referendum in Berlin on climate protection: Not without the citizens

Ja on climate protection – who doesn’t actually say that? It gets exciting when it gets concrete. So has in Berlin referendum After all, a majority voted for the capital to commit itself to being climate-neutral by 2030 (instead of 2045). The participation was also not inconsiderable.

But the quorum that doesn’t exist for elections has been missed. A notable number also voted no explicitly – rather than simply staying away from this referendum, which had been campaigned at considerable expense.

At what price?

The Governing Mayor, who is conducting coalition negotiations with the CDU, has reaffirmed her commitment to climate protection. She is also at liberty to work with the Union to achieve a climate-neutral Berlin much earlier.

But how – and at what price? No wonder Giffey, like full-time climate activists, remains vague. The perseverance slogan that one will not be stopped by critics and complainers indicates why the referendum failed and shows the hurdles of the future.

Ultimately, nothing works in a democracy without the mandate of the citizens. For that you have to convince. Of course, anyone can also take legal action. But in the rule of law there is no right to civil disobedience or even resistance. Anyone who does not want to understand this must be stopped – for constitutional reasons.

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