Referee - Chance for Brych - Sport

The top German soccer referee Felix Brych is thinking about continuing his career with a possible new perspective in mind: "I will seek talks with Lutz Michael Fröhlich and the DFB referee management as soon as possible and make a decision by the winter break at the latest so that both sides have planning security," said the 47-year-old picture.

According to the current age limit, Brych had to end his career at the end of the season. However, referee boss Fröhlich brought a softening of the controversial regulation into play. The 47 years are "actually not a limit, but rather an orientation value," he said sports picture: "But if someone has everything in the overall package and meets the requirements to also be a referee on the field, then you should also take that into account." Should the referees be allowed to whistle longer in the future, that would primarily be seen as "Lex Felix Brych". Those responsible are "open" to continuing Brych's career and "would welcome that," emphasized Fröhlich. In 2021, the popular referee Manuel Gräfe had to end his active career at the age of 47 despite a wave of protests from the league.

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