Reddit user always plays a song during sex - now the track is a hit worldwide

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Reddit user keeps playing the same song during sex even though his girlfriend hates it - now the track is a hit

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The Reddit user assumed for two years that his girlfriend would like the supposedly romantic playlist - the opposite was the case (icon image)

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The story of the user Tyler makes the rounds on Reddit: The young man had sex with the same song over and over again until he found out that his girlfriend detested the song. Tyler became a laughingstock on the internet – and the song became a hit.

Music connoisseurs and lovers of electronic music should DJ Hudson Mohawke may be known, but not to the general public. The Scot may have worked with Kanye West before, and his fourth album was released this year, but he has yet to reach the general public. Until now: Because his song "Cbat" is suddenly a hit - with a delay of more than ten years.

The DJ and music producer owes this success to an – there is no other way to put it – obscure story that a young man told on Reddit. The user named Tyler, who says he is 25, said he likes to play a playlist during sex, which apparently helps him perform in bed. It also contained the song "Cbat", which admittedly took some getting used to. The music magazine "Rolling Stone" describes him like this: "Imagine the clarinet player in the middle school orchestra wanting to bring some funk into his big solo."

Strange post on Reddit

While Tyler literally turns this song on, his girlfriend couldn't relate to it. "She hates him," he wrote in his post, letting the community know how irritated he was that it was two years before he did relationship have experienced.

A world collapsed for the young man: "I played this song almost every time. So she must not have enjoyed it often, while I believed the opposite. It's annoying, but also embarrassing in a way."

Many other users thought so too, especially after they had heard the song in question. Poor Tyler became a laughing stock first in the comments on his own thread, then across the platform and beyond.

Masses of users post videos on TikTok in which they make clear movements to the beat. And finally, to make matters worse, his girlfriend found out how her boyfriend divulged the most intimate details of their relationship on the Internet. And not only that, her parents soon found out too. Long story short, the 20-year-old made short work of it - and Tyler is now not only an internet celebrity, but single again.

Only later did he realize that he shouldn't have given his real first name and his correct age. All the attention is "not really positive, it wasn't the best thing that happened to our relationship" - to put it diplomatically.

Hudson Mohawke song goes viral

But there is a big winner in this story, and so back to Hudson Mohawke. Musician, real name Ross Birchard, could practically watch his song, released in 2011, hit the web without having to do anything. Within days of the hapless Reddit user's post, "Cbat" jumped to the top of Spotify's global viral charts.

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Hudson Mohawke performing in 2015

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Whether the story of Tyler and his girlfriend is real cannot be verified in detail. What is clear, however, is that the post brought Hudson Mohawke unexpected success. The 36-year-old told the US broadcaster NBC: "This is not a song that I would put on a sex playlist", but he also did not want to make fun of the preferences of others.

However, since his piece is said to have led to such upheavals in a young man's relationship, he immediately recommended his newly released album for bed. Sometimes you just have to seize the opportunity.

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