Reactions to Wagenknecht's speech: Overstepping the mark this time?

Leading left-wing politicians distance themselves from the parliamentary group after Wagenknecht's appearance in the Bundestag. Criticism also comes from the SPD.

Sahra Wagenknecht in the Bundestag

Criticism from all sides: Sahra Wagenknechts on Thursday in her speech in the Bundestag Photo: Imago

BERLIN taz | Did Sahra Wagenknecht go too far this time? After her speech on energy policy in the Bundestag on Thursday, criticism rained down on her and the left-wing faction from all sides. Wagenknecht had accused the federal government of starting an economic war against Russia, “our most important energy supplier”, and thus made the Russian government en passant from perpetrator to victim. She called for an end to the fatal economic sanctions and the start of negotiations with Russia. The AfD applauded enthusiastically - together with the part of the left factionwho had not boycotted Wagenknecht's appearance with foresight.

The Parliamentary Secretary of the SPD, Katja Mast, sees a limit crossed. She told the taz: "What Sahra Wagenknecht said in the Bundestag on Thursday is a breach of taboo." The fact that she received a lot of applause and approval from the AfD speaks for itself. Putin is the war criminal, the aggressor, and the current crisis is a consequence of that. “It is clear that Sahra Wagenknecht has always seen things differently. The fact that the left-wing faction lets it go is damaging Germany," Mast told the taz.

The left-wing faction had set up Wagenknecht as a speaker on the energy agenda item, although she is not even a member of the relevant specialist committee in the Bundestag. This was met with incomprehension both inside and outside the party.

A day later, the newly elected party chairmen of the left, Janine Wissler and Martin Schirdewan, also spoke out. Compared to the nd The two explained: "Letting Sahra Wagenknecht to speak on this agenda item, even though she is not a member of a committee, was a decision of the parliamentary group board, not of the party chairmen." The speech did not correspond in part to the agreed positions and understandably caused displeasure. Such a process could have been avoided and must not be repeated.

Left faction disqualified

Thuringian Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (left) said Thuringian general, he was more than irritated by what was happening in his party at the federal level. "I find it disturbing that Ms. Wagenknecht can present her private opinion, which does not correspond to the party congress resolutions, for the parliamentary group," Ramelow explained.

It is true that some from the left distanced themselves, "albeit sometimes timidly", according to SPD parliamentary group leader Mast. "But it is not very credible when your own group makes speaking time available for your crude thoughts and applauds the appearance in Parliament enthusiastically. The left faction disqualified itself once more,” said Mast.

The party executive of the left meets in Rathenow at the weekend. The focus of the deliberations should be the “Hot Autumn Campaign” against high energy prices and for redistribution. The board members will certainly also discuss Wagenknecht's speech and the consequences of it even hotter.

After her speech on energy policy in the Bundestag on Thursday, criticism rained down on her and the left-wing faction from all sides.

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