RB Leipzig convinces thanks to Timo Werner in Glasgow

RB Leipzig convinces thanks to Timo Werner in Glasgow

Dhe Celtic Glasgow stadium is also known as “Paradise” because of its heavenly atmosphere and heavenly conditions actually prevailed there late Tuesday evening, at least from the point of view of RB Leipzig. Coach Marco Rose’s team had just won the Champions League game against Scotland 2-0 when word spread that Real Madrid had managed to equalize against Shakhtar Donetsk (1-1) with their last attack. .

Due to the Ukrainians’ draw, Leipzig moved up to second place in the table after four matchdays and, after two defeats at the start, suddenly has the best chance of reaching the round of 16 again. “Now in Warsaw against Donetsk it’s probably about second place. If we at least don’t lose the game, we have very good chances.” Timo Werner the television channel DAZN.

Werner’s eyes were already on the last day of the game. He and his team from Leipzig meet Donetsk, which is playing its home games in the Polish capital because of the war in Ukraine. In between there is still the home game for RB real Madrid on October 26th.

Werner as the protagonist

The new starting position was also pleasing Marco Rose. “We’ve really worked our way into it now, we’re right in the middle of it, but we’re anything but through,” said Leipzig’s coach. The fact that Leipzig, after two wins against Celtic, is back in the fight for second place behind Real is also due to Werner, who has not always been on the same wavelength as Rose. Only recently had a clarifying conversation between the two to clear up pent-up discrepancies.

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