Ratings: “Schwarm” even weaker, “Bachelor” also loses viewers

Ratings: “Schwarm” even weaker, “Bachelor” also loses viewers

“Swarm” even weaker, “Bachelor” also loses viewers

Next to the research ship "Thorvaldson" shoots up a water fountain that tilts the ship.  Photo: Swarm Tv

A water fountain shoots up next to the research ship “Thorvaldson”, causing the ship to tilt. photo

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On Wednesday, too, “Der Schwarm” on ZDF swims away from all other TV formats and broadcasters in terms of ratings, but the number of viewers and ratings have fallen again.

On the third evening in ZDF the eco-thriller series “Der Schwarm” after Frank Schätzing’s bestseller has again lost a significant number of viewers. Nevertheless, she got the quota victory. On Wednesday, an average of 4.56 million tuned in to parts five and six of the eight-part series, which were broadcast as a double episode, which corresponded to a 17.0 percent market share from 8:15 p.m. That was 800,000 fewer than on Tuesday and almost 2.3 million fewer than on Monday.

bestselling author Frank Schätzing is not very enthusiastic about the film adaptation of his material, which was published about 20 years ago, as he revealed in interviews.

“Sixteen Oaks” in second place

The first ended up in second place in prime time. The ARD psychological thriller “Sechechteichen” reached 3.47 million (12.9 percent). The crime repeat “Wilsberg: Filmriss” (from 2008) on ZDFneo had 1.65 million viewers (6.1 percent) and the ProSieben comedy show “TV total” had 1.51 million (5.6 percent).

The RTL dome soap “Der Bachelor” – this time with the 32-year-old David Jackson as the center – again lost about 300,000 viewers compared to the start of the 13th season: 1.28 million watched, which corresponded to only 4.9 percent market share.

It was followed by the US crime series “CSI: Vegas” on Vox with 1.17 million viewers (4.3 percent), the RTLzwei docu-soap “Die Wollnys – Eine TERRIBLY BIG FAMILY!” with 950,000 (3.5 percent), the Sat.1 cooking competition show “The sweet taste” with 770,000 (3.5 percent) and the American sci-fi drama “The Hunger Games – Mockingjay (1)” with 770,000 viewers and viewers (3.1 percent for longer duration than the Sat.1 show).


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