Rapper considers sound recording manipulated

Rapper considers sound recording manipulated

Rapper Bushido was questioned again as a witness in the criminal proceedings against his former business partner and considers an audio recording to have been manipulated. Regarding a sequence played on Monday in front of the Berlin district court at the request of a defense attorney, Bushido explained that “that was not January 18, 2018”.

The focus was on a controversial audio document that appeared a few months ago. It is said to have been made secretly at a meeting between the musician and his ex-manager, a Berlin clan chief, which was decisive for the process.

Reviewer to review recording

The 44-year-old rapper, whose real name is Anis Mohamed Ferchichi, is a witness and joint plaintiff in the process that has been going on for more than two years. The charge against the 46-year-old clan chief Arafat Abou-Chaker and three of his brothers are, among other things, deprivation of liberty, attempted severe extortion, coercion, dangerous bodily harm, insult and infidelity.

The alleged crimes are said to have happened after Bushido broke ties with his manager. The rapper is said to have been locked up that January day, pelted with a bottle and a chair.

Most of the allegations are based on statements by the musician. From the point of view of the defenders of the brothers from the clan milieu, the approximately two-hour audio file refutes the depiction of Bushido. On the other hand, the musician and his lawyer doubt the authenticity of the file. There are many technical and content-related abnormalities, according to Bushido in his multi-day survey of the recording.

The court had announced that it would have an expert examine the recording. There is no result yet. “We still don’t know whether the file is genuine or not,” said the presiding judge on the 84th day of the hearing. Bushido’s questioning about the secret recording, which only appeared at the beginning of the year, was initially ended. The trial will resume on October 24th.

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