Rape allegation against Brazil star

NAfter the Spanish justice for the Brazilian soccer professional Dani Alves already ordered custody on Friday for alleged rape, the Spanish media are now reporting on the details of the case. The investigative court speaks of a credible and uncontradictory statement by the alleged victim and sees solid evidence for the allegation that Alves had raped a 23-year-old woman on the night of December 30th to 31st, reported “El País” on Sunday.

The court also justified the pre-trial detention with the possibility that the accused could escape possible criminal proceedings because there is no extradition agreement between Spain and the Brazilian’s home country. The 39-year-old played for FC Barcelona until the end of last season in summer 2022 and was then signed by the Mexican club UNAM Pumas. This club terminated the contract after the allegations became known.

Invitation to the VIP area

The 23-year-old woman has meanwhile declared before the investigative court that she would refrain from paying compensation if Alves were convicted. She is only aiming for a criminal conviction of Alves. According to the ad, the woman went to a disco with two other friends and was invited by a group of Mexicans to the VIP area of ​​the bar.

There, a waiter asked her to sit down with Alves and a friend. She herself did not know Alves and did not know that he was a professional footballer. He asked her to go through a door behind which the toilets were, but she didn’t know. There he beat her and forced her to have oral sex.

Alves denies allegations

Afterwards, she and her friends wanted to leave the place as quickly as possible, but then spoke to the security staff at the bar and were treated in a hospital. The results of the report on the alleged victim’s dress are still pending.

According to the newspaper report, the suspect initially told the investigating court that he was already in the toilet when the woman entered and that there had been no contact. When asked by the co-plaintiff, he testified that she had sexually harassed him and that the sexual contacts were consensual.

In a video sent to the private broadcaster “Antena 3”, which has no relevance for the investigative court, Alves said he rejected the allegations. He doesn’t know the woman, he didn’t follow her into the bathroom, he didn’t intend to meet her there. He likes to dance, but without getting too close to other people. The procedure harms him and the people around him.

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