Ramstein: No solution for main battle tank deliveries

Boris Pistorius enjoyed the short break after being in Ramstein reported to journalists what Germany is already doing for Ukraine. After all, the spring package with martens, cheetahs and anti-aircraft missile systems has a considerable volume of more than one billion euros. “Now you’re probably not here to hear all that,” Pistorius said while speaking on the sidelines of the Ukraine Contact Group meeting. Yes, the participants of the Ukraine contact group did indeed talk about the possible supply of Leopard main battle tanks. No, there is no decision. And no, there is no closed coalition for such a delivery to Ukraine, which only stands in the way of Germany. This impression is “wrong”. There are many allies who see good reasons for and against.

Majid Sattar

Political correspondent for North America based in Washington.

The defense minister, who had been in office less than 24 hours when he arrived in Ramstein on Friday morning, made it clear that he wanted to be able to act if Leopard main battle tanks were not only made in Germany, but from Germany itself Ukraine are to be delivered. It is important to be in front of the situation, which is why he issued a test order to determine the stocks in industry and the Bundeswehr, with a view to number, compatibility and availability.

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