Rail traffic between Berlin and Hanover back to schedule

Rail traffic between Berlin and Hanover back to schedule

NAfter a section of the route was closed for more than three weeks, train traffic between Berlin and Hanover is running according to the German train (DB) back to schedule.

“As announced, all trains have been running again on the direct route between Berlin and Hanover since this morning,” said a railway spokesman on Sunday morning. “The start of operations took place without any problems.”

According to the spokesman, after the collision of two freight trains near Leiferde in Lower Saxony, DB had rebuilt the track bed in the past few days, laid rails and repaired the control and safety technology.

On November 17, a train consisting of 25 propane-filled tank wagons ran into another train in the Gifhorn district that was stopping at a signal. Four wagons overturned, one train driver was slightly injured. Firefighters needed days to pump the explosive gas out of the wagons at the scene of the accident and to burn it off with a special device.

Due to the route closure during the clearance and repair work, travelers on long-distance and local transport had to put up with obstacles for days. Trains were diverted, delays and cancellations occurred.

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