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Magenta has just been declared the trend color for 2023. An unfortunate mistake, because if the catwalks have anything to do with it, avatar blue will be trending this coming summer. It’s tough too, but different.

For her: Rather electric

Ladies & Gentlemen: undefined
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The annual announcement of the so-called color of the year by color guru Pantone is always an unimportant surprise. For the end of the year of horrors it was called Very Peri, a lavender shade that no one has implemented, at least in terms of fashion, and for next year the Pantone color star is: Viva Magenta. Magenta, this dying shade of pink, reminds us Germans more of Telekom advertising, and Barbiecore, the trend all about screaming pink, is already over. At this point, we allow ourselves a counterstatement that stands on very shaky ground because it is based on nothing else than looking at catwalk looks, which, as is well known, have nothing to do with reality. But please: our color of the year is Avatar Blue, formerly known enthusiastically by fashionistas as Electric Blue. Worn at most by badly styled TV presenters in recent years, it’s currently getting a lot of love from the best designers in the world: pantsuits, dresses and skirts in this stark blue we saw everywhere, like here at Alexander McQueen. That’s good news. It is finally forcing us out of the pastel Instagram color spectrum of so-called good taste. At Loewe, avatar blue is mixed with red, at Ferretti with orange, at Gucci with a gremlin print and at off-white with black. The result is that the woman suddenly looks like a toy figure. But still has more Viva vibes than Telekom looks.

Ladies & Gentlemen: undefined
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For him: Blue like never before

When visiting Marrakech, a morning stroll in the Jardin Majorelle is a must for most taste lovers. Once laid out by the painter Jacques Majorelle, the city oasis has been cared for by Yves Saint Laurent since the 1980s and charged with voluptuous meaning. In the souvenir shop there you can also buy a can of paint with that typical Majorelle blue that shines at you everywhere in the garden as a stylistic element. Everyone does, of course, only to find back home and away from the desert light that bright cobalt blue is, uh, a pretty intense color. What seemed so great and harmonious in Marrakech unfortunately looks more like a final work in elementary school as a garden table glaze in Fröttmaning, topic: The language of imagination. The color is also extreme in the wardrobe, which is probably exactly why it’s popping up in many zeitgeist brands in the coming year, like here on the catwalk of revolutionary label Mowalola. The look shows exactly the Majorelle problem again. On their own, the shades of blue are great, wonderful colors that magically attract and linger on the eye. But the context in which this blue orgy doesn’t become too much has to be found first. Unfortunately, you don’t constantly move through a paradise garden, but through the cloudy soup called the real world. So yes, the upcoming blue is definitely better than the Pantone trend color. You should always have a suitable backdrop with you.

Ladies & Gentlemen: What do they look like?  Julia Werner and Max Scharnigg write about remarkable outfits, strange poses and news from the world's catwalks every week.

How do they look? Julia Werner and Max Scharnigg write about remarkable outfits, strange poses and news from the world’s catwalks every week.

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