Queer center for Wiesbaden

Lesben, gay and trans people find in Wiesbaden a new home. In 2024, a queer center is to be built in the extended building ensemble of the historic Walkmühle. The Metzler house is an old building in a sought-after location on the outskirts of the state capital, which still needs to be renovated before the sponsoring association can move into the ground floor. The costs are not insignificant, according to a member of the board, the association needs around 300,000 euros per year and hopes to move in in 2024. But that will probably not work out, because the renovation of the building is expected to last until the end of 2024.

"The area for the queer center is about 200 square meters," said Stefan Kräh from the city of Wiesbaden on request and confirmed that the center should be built in the Metzler building. Kräh is responsible for the city's LGBTQ community, i.e. for people who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and queer. "The house is gradually being renovated," he said. "The City Council has already decided that the Queere Zentrum will be financially supported, and the funding has already started this year." According to Kräh, the rental costs for Haus Metzler will also be covered by the city. "Since the Queere Zentrum cannot generate its own funds, it will be a 100 percent subsidy," said Kräh.

Manuel Wüst, board member of the supporting association, told a magazine in an interview at the end of August that after moving into the Metzler building, the center would need around 300,000 euros a year in order to be properly financed. This year, due to the budget freeze, the association will only receive 50,000 euros instead of the 100,000 euros originally planned.

Refurbishment is not expected to be completed until the end of 2024

The association has already hired an employee for the management of the center and there are plans to hire another person to do pedagogical work next year. Then the association needs “at least” 200,000 euros, which have actually already been released, but are currently “on hold”. “The Metzler house is large and costs a certain amount of rent. We hope for the cooperation agreement between the SPD, Greens, Left and Volt here in Wiesbaden, in which the queer scene and the queer center are explicitly mentioned," Wüst told the magazine. In addition to offices and consultation rooms, the center will also have sanitary facilities and changing rooms.

The owner of the house is the WIM property fund, for which the city subsidiary Gewerbeimmobilien GmbH (GWI) is responsible. According to a GWI spokeswoman, it is currently not possible to estimate how high the rent will be. "It won't be as cheap as in the fulling mill," she said, adding that the renovation costs for the house, which has around 900 square meters of floor space, have not yet been determined. Due to delivery bottlenecks, cost increases and the lack of skilled workers, it is simply not possible to assess this at the moment. However, the location of the fulling mill is considered to be very good. In the immediate vicinity of Haus Metzler, new buildings with exclusive apartments were erected, in which the rent is said to be around 18 euros per square meter.

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