Queen’s Jubilee Commemorative Coins

Dhe British Mint, the Royal Mint, is marking the Queen’s 70th jubilee Elizabeth II commemorative coins signed by the 96-year-old monarch for the first time.

The £5 coins are to be minted in three different designs, each to commemorate the Queen’s charitable commitments, the Commonwealth and the Orders of Merit distributed by the Royal House. The coins should be available from Thursday in various versions at prices ranging from 13 pounds (just under 15.50 euros) for the simplest variant to a gold coin for 2865 pounds (around 3400 euros) on the Royal Mint’s website.

The coins were designed by Irish designer PJ Lynch, who was inspired by the Queen’s hands. “She shakes hands so often – that’s how she greets and communicates with the people she meets,” Lynch said, according to a statement from the Royal Mint. That gave him the idea of ​​signing, Lynch continued. He described the Queen’s signature as “an instrument of state when she signs her official documents, but also as her personal promise and promise”.

The Queen, who died in 1952 after the death of her father George VI. ascended the British throne, celebrated her 70th jubilee this year with a spectacle lasting several days.

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