Queen Elizabeth II's corgis have a new home

Dorphaned after the death of Elizabeth II, the Queen's corgis have a new home: as a spokeswoman for her middle son Prince Andrew and whose ex-wife Sarah explained on Sunday, the two take in the dogs Muick and Sandy.

Prince Andrew has often been portrayed by the British press as the Queen's 'favourite son'. After allegations of sexual abuse of a minor in the United States, he withdrew from the public last year.

It was Andrew who who queen that Corgis had given as puppies. Muick moved into Windsor Castle in spring 2021 with another pup, Fergus, to cheer up the Queen during the Corona quarantine. Just a few weeks later, Fergus died at the age of five months. As a consolation, Andrew and his daughters Beatrice and Eugenie then gave Sandy to the Queen.

Corgi dogs have accompanied the Queen since she was a child. For her 18th birthday, her parents gave her the bitch Susan, from whom most of the following three dozen Corgis of the Queen descended. The small, pointy-eared dogs often feature in official photographs or paintings of the Queen.

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