Queen Elizabeth II: William and Harry meet at Windsor

death of the queen
These pictures are a sensation: William and Harry appear with Meghan and Kate in Windsor

Prince William and Prince Harry

Prince William and Prince Harry with their wives Kate (left) and Meghan at Windsor Castle on Saturday evening.

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The Queen's death brings the quarreling brothers together: Prince William and Prince Harry, together with their wives Meghan and Kate, showed the crowd at Windsor Castle.

The two never got together again during the Queen's lifetime. But the death of her beloved grandmother could have worked a small miracle. On Saturday evening, the two deeply divided brothers showed up Prince William and Prince Harry with their wives Catherine and Meghan in front of Windsor Castle. A video posted on Twitter by journalist Omid Scobie, who is close to Meghan, shows the four arriving in Windsor.

These are images that give hope to many people. Because the family quarrel after Harry and Meghan's departure from the United Kingdom has severely damaged the reputation of the royals in the past two years. With the transition from Queen Elizabeth II. to King Charles III. the monarchy is in a fragile phase. A possible reconciliation of the brothers could stabilize the dynasty.

There are subtle hints during the joint appearance that it came to this. Both couples arrived at the same automobile drove up. The body language seemed relaxed. The initiative for the appointment apparently came from the new heir to the throne, Prince William. "The Prince of Wales has invited the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to join him and the Princess," a palace spokesman said.

In front of the castle, the four royals viewed the countless flower donations that had been placed there by the grieving population. They took their time and also sought contact with the crowd in front of the palace. As Scobie wrote in another tweet, the two brothers and their wives took a total of more than 40 minutes to talk to people and shake hands. Then they went together to the castle garden, where they had also arrived. The two couples would have windsor left together in the car, William would have driven.

After this Death such pictures were not seen by Prince Philip last year. This is also one of the reasons why the joint appearance now gives hope to many Britons.

Source used: twitter.com/scobie

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