Queen Elizabeth II: This is how citizens can now say goodbye

Queen Elizabeth II
So the citizens can now say goodbye

The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II in Westminster Hall.

The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II in Westminster Hall.

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Queen Elizabeth II has been laid out in Westminster Hall after a procession. So the citizens can say goodbye to their queen.

The remains of Queen Elizabeth II. (1926-2022) were laid out in Westminster Hall after a funeral procession through London. About an hour after arrival, the gates opened for visitors who want to pay their last respects to their former head of state. Doors to mourners will be open 24 hours a day and will close at 6.30am UK time on September 19 - the day of her funeral.

However, visitors must be prepared for a long wait. Experts from "The Times" estimate, that the queues could reach up to eight kilometers and that 20 hours of queuing time should be planned. 750,000 people are therefore expected. In around four and a half days, visitors are guided through Westminster Hall and are allowed to walk close to the closed coffin of the Queen. The body of the deceased queen is guarded by units of her bodyguard.

Citizens should take that with them

A statement from the British government said that you should plan a long waiting time, especially if you were going to say goodbye with children. You should also dress warmly and weatherproof and bring food and drinks with you. A mobile charger for mobile phones, a so-called power bank, was also recommended. Anyone who needs to relieve themselves can step out of the queue and receive a wristband. After the need to go, you can line up again at the old place.


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