Queen Elizabeth II: She prepared her funeral

Queen Elizabeth II
She prepared her funeral

The late monarch was actively planning her own funeral and memorial service.

The late monarch was actively planning her own funeral and memorial service.

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Queen Elizabeth II is said to have had no fear of death during her last summer. The monarch also planned her own funeral.

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022), the Archbishop of Canterbury has recalled his last meeting with the late monarch. "When I left, I had the feeling: Here is someone who is not afraid of death," said Justin Welby (66) on "BBC Radio 4" about the encounter in June this year. Like the Guardians further reported that the church dignitary also raved about her "trust in the future" on the show.

The Queen arranged her own funeral

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth II made arrangements for her funeral and memorial service herself while she was still alive. As reported by the British "Daily Mail"., planning for this began in the 1960s. The recently deceased monarch - on the throne since 1952 - played "an active role".

Queen Elizabeth decided against St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle as the place for her burial. The first state funeral since Death by Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965) will therefore take place in Westminster Abbey. The comparatively larger church can accommodate a congregation of 2,000 people, while St George's Chapel only holds 800 people. Westminster Abbey's more central location in London also makes it more accessible to large crowds. All of this played a role in the Queen's deliberations.


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