Queen Elizabeth II: On the day of her death, Prince William got into an argument with Charles

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Dispute over Meghan: That's why Harry was the last to arrive in Balmoral on the anniversary of the Queen's death

Prince Harry did not salute at the Queen's state funeral.

The Queen's death has further isolated Prince Harry within his family.

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The shared mourning of Queen Elizabeth II has not led to any reconciliation between Prince Harry and his family. Apparently there was still a heated argument between the new King Charles III on the day of his death. and his youngest son.

The images gave many supporters of the British royal family great hope: just two days after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The quarreling brothers William and Harry, along with their wives Kate and Meghan, showed up in front of WIndsor Castle, where they viewed flower donations for their deceased grandmother and spoke to mourners for around 45 minutes.

It probably wasn't the return of the Fab Four, as the two couples were called in good times. There is increasing evidence that the beautiful pictures of the reunited brothers are only due to a truce.

Quarrels on the anniversary of the Queen's death

As the British newspaper "Daily Mail" reports, on the day of the Queen's death, there was a heated argument between the new king and his youngest son. The trigger for the new rift was apparently Charles' announcement to Harry that his wife Meghan was not wanted at Balmoral Castle.

Harry I tried to change his father's mind over the phone and be allowed to bring his wife with me. That was why he was the last of the family to arrive at Balmoral on the anniversary of Elizabeth II's death - he missed the flight that took William and his two uncles, Andrew and Edward, to Scotland.

Although his brother too William traveled to Balmoral without a wife, according to the report, Harry was so angry about Meghan's invitation that he decided not to have dinner with his immediate family with Charles, Camilla and William and instead preferred to have dinner with his two uncles Andrew and Edward. The next morning, Harry was also the first to leave Balmoral Castle.

Two days later there was the public appearance in which Harry and Meghan met William and Kate showed. But it is unlikely that this has led to a lasting reconciliation. And even after the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, there was probably no more time for clarifying talks: As numerous US media reports, the Sussexes left the United Kingdom on Tuesday morning and are now back in California.

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