Queen Elizabeth II embodies our European heritage

Dhe Federal Government and the Federal President are at their expressions of mourning after the death of the British Queen Elizabeth II far beyond the usual condolence addresses. Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who initially made a written statement and emphasized the Queen's role in post-war reconciliation between Great Britain and Germany, appeared again on Friday in front of the cameras in the Federal Chancellery to make a personal statement.

Not only in Great Britain, but also in Germany, people were moved and touched by the death of the monarch, she said scholz. This is evidenced by the flower arrangements and cards that many people in Berlin also put down in front of the British Embassy. Great Britain has lost a queen, but the world has lost a figure of the century.

"With special presence and affection"

The Queen "embodies the best of our common European heritage," said Scholz: "Democracy and the rule of law." Germany is "full of gratitude" for the numerous visits that the Queen has made and "with a special presence and devotion" to this country.

Like Scholz, Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier also paid tribute to the Queen's achievements in a personal appearance. He also recalled their part in establishing good relations between the two countries after the Second World War. She had "helped to heal the wounds of war herself". At that time, Great Britain extended its hand to Germany for reconciliation - "and the hand of reconciliation was also the hand of the Queen".

Mourning for Elizabeth II: The flag on the Bundestag building flies at half-mast on Friday.

Mourning for Elizabeth II: The flag on the Bundestag building flies at half-mast on Friday.

Image: dpa

Steinmeier said Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's state visit in 1965 was "one of the most important and powerful symbols of the post-war British-German friendship". For the young Federal Republic of Germany, this trip was an inestimably important signal of reconciliation after two devastating world wars, "after the guilt that my country had shouldered".

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