Queen Elizabeth II: Arrested at the Queen's coffin

Queen Elizabeth II
Arrested at the Queen's coffin

The Queen's coffin is laid out in Westminster Hall.

The Queen's coffin is laid out in Westminster Hall.

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A man was arrested at Westminster Hall on Friday. He walked towards the Queen's coffin.

There was an incident at Westminster Hall on Friday evening. A man approached according to the BBC the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022) laid out in the oldest part of the British Parliament. The waiter apparently broke away from the line of mourners and wanted to get closer to the coffin.

He was arrested and taken into custody after the disturbance, the Metropolitan Police said, according to the BBC. A parliament spokesman confirmed according to the broadcaster: "We have an incident in the Westminster Hall where a member of the public exited the queue and walked towards the catafalque." The queue was able to move on with minimal disruption after the incident.

Hours of waiting

In order to say goodbye to the Queen one last time, many people are currently putting up with hours of waiting in front of Westminster Hall. David Beckham (47) was also a prominent face in the kilometer-long queue on Friday. The former Three Lions international waited a full twelve hours, i.e. half a day, to pay his last respects to his queen. as "Sky News" reported.

King Charles III was also on Friday. (73) joined his three siblings at the wake for their deceased mother. Princess Anne (72), Prince Edward (58), Prince Andrew (62) and the king positioned themselves with their backs to each other coffin, each of them standing with bowed head on one of the four sides. They paused in this pose for 15 minutes to watch over their mother one last time.

On Monday, September 19, the funeral will end and the coffin will be taken in a procession from Westminster Palace to Westminster Abbey, where the state funeral will take place.


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