Pütz and Krawietz are the ace up the sleeve of the DTB

AAs a father, priorities shift. In the case of Frankfurt tennis pro Tim Pütz, this means spending a few more hours traveling than usual after a strenuous year. The 35-year-old doubles specialist with his partner Michael Venus had to hold out as a substitute at the ATP finals in Turin until Friday evening and used this for intensive training far away from loved ones and home.

For the prestigious final tournament of the best eight doubles of the year, the German-Australian duo just barely failed to qualify for the second time in a row. The fact of this long tennis season means that the Hessian should have joined his Davis Cup colleagues in the Spanish city of Malaga on Saturday.

Every hour with family counts

The German national team will serve this week as one of the eight best teams in the fourth edition of the 2018 radically reformed Davis Cup finals. Pütz, undeterred by all the background noise, flew back to Frankfurt to his wife and child, even if only for a short night and a few hours – and this on his special day. “I don’t know how many birthdays I’ve missed because of tennis, and I’m really not vain,” says the FAZ, who is currently the best German doubles player with 18th place according to the world rankings

In the summer he was seventh, higher than ever. Injuries, less training and the resulting worse results slowed Pütz down. But every hour with his family counts for him. In 2021 he became a father. That’s why the national player was allowed to play differently than his four teammates and the support staff around the team captain Michael Kohlman to travel and only joined the team on Sunday.

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