Putin courts, Beijing keeps its distance

In Russian-Chinese relations, Moscow is advancing, Beijing is keeping a low profile: that became clear again on Monday. Russia's National Security Council released a statement following a visit by its secretary, a close associate of the President Wladimir Putinin the city of Nanping in southeast China.

Friederike Böge

Political correspondent for China, North Korea and Mongolia.

It said that Nikolai Patrushev and Yang Jiechi - of China senior foreign officials - had agreed to continue military cooperation between the two countries, with maneuvers and patrols, and to strengthen contacts between the general staffs. Patrushev stressed that "the course of developing strategic partnership with China is an absolute priority for Russia's foreign policy."

Out of Beijing all it said was that China was ready to "implement the consensus" that the heads of state of both countries, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, had reached. Both sides would strengthen their "strategic coordination," said the Foreign Ministry in Beijing, without giving details.

China and Russia have held joint naval maneuvers around Japan several times. China downplayed its participation in Russia's Vostok 2022 maneuvers in early September by revealing India's participation before Delhi confirmed it.

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