Protests in Peru spread across the country – death toll rises to 45

Protests in Peru spread across the country – death toll rises to 45

Lima In Peru, anti-government demonstrations continued to spread across the country on Friday evening. In the capital, Lima, a local TV station filmed protesters armed with glass bottles and stones clashed with police officers, who in turn used tear gas. Several fires burned in the streets.

In the southern Puno region, around 1,500 protesters attacked a police station in the city of Ilave, Interior Minister Vicente Romero Fernández told media. According to a report by the Peruvian ombudsman, around 58 people across the country were injured in the demonstrations.

The riots follow an eventful Thursday when a major fire broke out in Lima during demonstrations. One of the most historic buildings in the city burned down to the ground. President Dina Boluarte said she wanted to take tougher action against “vandals”.

protests in Peru

Government-critical demonstrators deliver a confrontation with the police. The demonstrators called for general elections and the removal of President Boluarte.

(Photo: dpa)

Thousands of protesters moved to Lima this week to demand change. In addition to the number of people injured, the death toll in Friday’s protests has risen to 45. The government has extended the state of emergency to six regions and restricted some civil rights.

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The trigger for the ongoing demonstrations in Peru was the removal and imprisonment of controversial President Pedro Castillo in December last year. He is accused of illegally trying to dissolve parliament to avoid impeachment.

Since then, the incumbent president has been Dina Boluarte, who previously held the vice-president. Castillo’s supporters are demanding new elections, the politician’s release, Boluarte’s resignation, as well as the dissolution of parliament and constitutional changes.

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