Protests in Iran: Report: Many Iranian protesters face execution

protests in Iran
Report: Many Iranian protesters face execution

A woman stands in front of a burning car tire during a demonstration after the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini and shows d

A woman stands in front of a burning car tire and shows the victory sign during a demonstration after the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini. photo

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With slogans like “Death to the dictator” they fight for freedom in their own country. Now they are threatened with death because the Iranian political leadership treats critics of the system brutally.

At least 24 protesters threatened in Iran according to one report, the execution for their involvement in anti-system protests.

The Iranian daily Etemad today published a list compiled by the judiciary accusing 25 demonstrators of “waging war against God”. According to Islamic legal opinion, this charge carries a death sentence. The rap musician Mohsen S., who was also on the list, had already been executed on Thursday.

He is said to have attacked a member of the paramilitary Basij militia with a gun, causing terror and blocking a road. The judiciary announced more executions. “Etemad”, on the other hand, appealed in the report to the judiciary to reverse the death sentences and prevent further executions.

The execution of Mohsen S. was strongly condemned at home and abroad. However, the Iranian political leadership, including President Ebrahim Raisi, described the execution as a legitimate response to the riots in the country. The protesters themselves threatened the system with retaliation. The message “Wait for our revenge” circulated on social media. Over the weekend, Iranians abroad are planning several protest meetings.

In addition to the international sanctions in connection with the nuclear dispute, Tehran others have now been imposed for human rights violations. Iran has been in an acute economic crisis for more than four years. The only remaining glimmer of hope was an agreement in the nuclear dispute with the West. According to observers, however, after the violent crackdown on the protests – and especially the first execution of a protester – such an agreement is far from realistic.

The Iranian leadership blames Iran’s “enemies” – including Germany – and their domestic “mercenaries” for the protests. According to Tehran, the majority of Iranians still support the Islamic system and will ultimately defeat the “enemies” and end the protests. On the streets, however, things are very different. “Death the dictator” and “we don’t want an Islamic republic (anymore)” have been the standard daily slogans for the last two and a half months.


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