Protests in Iran are spreading

Protest against the death of Mahasa Amini in Iran

Amini was arrested by the vice squad a week ago because of her "un-Islamic outfit".

(Photo: dpa)

Dubai After the death of a young woman, the Iran the anti-government protests according to accounts on social media. Attacks on the police and other security forces continued in the capital Tehran and other cities in the country on Thursday.

In Mashhad, in the north-east of the country, protesters near a burning police station chanted: "We will die, we will die, but we will get Iran back". The scene was shown in a video that was published on the Twitter account "1500tasvir" with a good 100,000 followers.

Reuters could not independently verify the information. "1500tasvir" focuses on the recent protests in the Islamic Republic.

Another police station caught fire in the capital, Tehran. The trigger is the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Aminiwho died in a hospital in Tehran last Friday.

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She had previously been arrested by the vice squad on charges of violating strict hijab regulations on women's clothing. There had been speculation on social media that Amini had been beaten.

Authorities: Are not responsible for the deaths of protesters

Interior Minister Abdolresa Rahmani Fasli and the police rejected this account. Nevertheless, the authorities initiated investigations.

The protests began in the predominantly Kurdish north-west of the country where Amini is from and quickly spread to other parts of Iran, including the capital. The Kurdish human rights group Hengaw reported that twelve people have died in the Kurdish areas alone because of the protests.

The authorities deny being responsible for the deaths of demonstrators. Reuters could not independently verify the information.

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