Protests: Baerbock assures solidarity with women in Iran

Baerbock assures solidarity with women in Iran

Baerbock wants at European level for "targeted sanctions" campaign against those responsible in Iran.  Photo: Moritz Frankenbe

Baerbock wants to promote “targeted sanctions” against those responsible in Iran at the European level. photo

© Moritz Frankenberg/dpa

Foreign Minister Baerbock admits that foreign policy options are sometimes limited. But she pledged her support to the demonstrators in Iran.

Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Bärbock has pledged its support to the anti-government demonstrators in Iran. “We’re watching. We’re on your side,” said the Greens politician in Hanover during a campaign appearance ahead of the state elections in Lower Saxony. Foreign policy options are sometimes limited, she acknowledged. “But we can look. We can be the voice of these women.”

22-year-old died in police custody

Since Death 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who was arrested by the Iranian moral police for violating the Islamic dress code, thousands are demonstrating in the country against the government and the Islamic system.

Baerbock reiterated her statement that the case belongs before the UN Human Rights Council and spoke out in favor of further sanctions. At the European level, she is promoting “targeted sanctions” in Brussels that are intended to hit those “who are responsible for these crimes, those who arbitrarily shoot at demonstrations,” said the minister. “We will continue to put that on the international agenda when it’s no longer the most important and strongest hashtag on Twitter. Because that’s what matters in times like this: that you look even when it’s no longer in the headlines,” she promised.

In her speech, Baerbock also emphasized the value of democracy against the background of the war in Ukraine. “Go to the polls. Say I’m happy to live in a country where we can vote secretly in democracy and not in mock referendums where someone stands by with a Kalashnikov,” she said, looking at the state election in Lower Saxony on October 9th.


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