Protests after the evacuation of Lützerath

Nafter the eviction of Lützerath Coal opponents continued their protests in several places in North Rhine-Westphalia on Tuesday. A bucket-wheel excavator was manned in the Inden open-cast lignite mine and had to stop working as a result. The Aachen police spoke of around 20 activists involved, a spokesman for the energy company RWE of 30 to 40. According to police and RWE information, a group of around 50 activists also occupied railway tracks to the Neurath power plant near Rommerskirchen. After refusing to leave the tracks, the protesters were carried away, a police spokesman reported.

Violent clashes were initially not known at any protest site. “There is no coal train here today. We stand in the way of destruction with our bodies,” the alliance “Ende Gelände” tweeted over a photo of activists in white body suits on train tracks. The police forces prepared themselves for several spontaneous, decentralized actions. The action alliance “Lützerath Unräumbar”, which also includes groups from “Fridays For Future” and “Last Generation”, had called for a joint day of action.

A demonstration march with several hundred climate activists started in the brown coal village of Keyenberg on Tuesday. The group was heading towards the neighboring village of Holzweiler near the cleared town of Lützerath at the Garzweiler opencast mine, said a police spokesman. The protest march had been registered by one person for several initiatives. Keyenberg, Holzweiler and Lützerath are districts of the city of Erkelenz.

Activists brought the rush-hour traffic in Cologne to a standstill with a blockade on Tuesday morning. They sat across a street and held up a banner. pointing to the “Last Generation”. According to the police, the access roads were blocked and traffic was guided past. Three people who were stuck were “freed” from the street, three were carried away, said a police spokeswoman after the end of the action. However, all six were taken into custody. Among other things, it is being determined because of dangerous interventions in road traffic. State security got involved.

Members of the Extinction Rebellion group have stuck themselves to the Ministry of the Interior in Düsseldorf. About a dozen people, including a mother with a child, were involved in the action in Düsseldorf, according to police and Interior Ministry spokesmen. They protested against the eviction of the Lützerath settlement for lignite mining and demanded the resignation of State Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU) because of the police operation there.

The North Rhine-Westphalian state parliament is dealing with the disputes surrounding Lützerath in several committees this week. Economic, interior and municipal committees deal with various aspects of the fundamental dispute about the necessity and proportionality of the eviction.

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