Protection against assaults in sport

SThat’s how it sounds when politicians and society want something: “It’s clear to everyone involved: Words must be followed by deeds!” The federal and state governments, sports and those affected have the feasibility study for protection against violence and assaults discussed.

The Office of the Independent Commissioner for Child Sexual Abuse Issues sees this as a signal that the ministry is taking responsibility for implementation. And adds a few conditions to the spirit of Departure. Prevention and intervention must be compatible, tried-and-tested advice centers integrated and those affected involved. The sport couldn’t ask for it any better. The Independent Commission for the Study of Child Sexual Abuse also welcomes the momentum. She comments that the facility and, above all, a contact point should be set up as quickly as possible, following the clear recommendation of the study.

Words must be followed by deeds

As usual, Athletes Germany, the organization that initiated the Center for “Safe Sport”, is going full throttle. In the middle of the year she wants to open her advice center for affected top athletes. Six months later, such a position should work for club athletes. The commitment of all those involved to a code has been identified as a milestone for the end of 2023; two years later, at the end of this parliamentary term, the center should be operational.

In a graph, arrows illustrate how athletes expect progress in different areas. A tip can be found in a footnote. Athletes Germany welcomes the dialogue process announced by the German Olympic Sports Confederation and German Sports Youth, and hopes that it will not hold up possible higher-level processes by the federal government.

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