Protect minor children properly

Protect minor children properly

In a bereavement with minor heirs, the appointment of an executor is advantageous.
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When does it make sense to use an executor? Especially when minors or children with disabilities inherit. But there are other cases too.

VMany German citizens do not have a will. This often leads to several people inheriting and then forming a community of heirs. And with these, arguments are often programmed. Suddenly it will be about the kitschy oil painting, the silver cutlery or the ones that are getting on in years brooches argued. And also about whether the family home should be sold, rented out or kept.

If you want to avoid disputes between heirs and want to be on the safe side that the last will is implemented as intended in the will, you can appoint an executor. “Sensibly designed execution of a will is an essential component of a well-made will,” says Rainer Lorz, attorney at Hennerkes, Kirchdörfer & Lorz in Stuttgart. The task of the executor is to implement the ideas of the testator postmortem.

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