Products from the Internet: This is how online shopping has changed

products from the internet
How online shopping has changed

Consumers can now buy almost anything online.

Consumers can now buy almost anything online.

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With just a few clicks, a new car can suddenly appear in front of the garage. This is how the world of online shopping has changed.

corona influences the lives of people in Germany in many different ways. Since the beginning of the pandemic, more and more consumers have been ordering products and services online. In many cases it is simply extremely convenient to order a pizza via PC or smartphone or to have fresh groceries delivered. Accordingly, offers are currently being established that only a few users previously knew about or that simply did not exist yet.

Apples and chocolate at your front door in just a few minutes

A lot has happened, especially in the food sector. 26 percent of people in Germany According to information from the Bitkom industry association from September 2021, they at least occasionally order their groceries online. Before the pandemic began, it was only 16 percent. In the last few months there has been a veritable boom in eco and organic boxes.

According to the survey, ten percent of consumers ordered fresh vegetables or fruit in this way. Seven percent rely on new delivery services such as Gorillas or Flink. They advertise with it, mainly Food and bring hygiene products to consumers’ doorsteps in minutes.

Deliveries are made from different warehouses that the express services have rented in inner-city locations. Immediately after the order is placed, the ordered items are collected in the warehouse and packed in a paper bag. Our own e-bike drivers wait for the orders in front of the warehouse door and bring them to the customer as quickly as possible.

Car from the internet in front of the garage

But you can now also buy much larger products online. In addition to electrical appliances such as washing machines or furniture, even buying a car has now been virtualized. According to a 2021 YouGov study commissioned by the online car dealer Autohero, more than 51 percent of German car buyers are considering buying their next car online. According to a survey by Appinio for the online shop specializing in used cars, consumers see particular advantages over a stationary offer. For example, an online shop for used cars is open 24 hours a day, in contrast to a classic car dealer, and you have a large and free choice of brands – and you don’t feel any pressure from sellers.

In contrast to car exchanges such as Autoscout24 or, Autohero only offers vehicles from its own stock and takes over the entire process of buying a car: from purchase advice to ordering and payment to delivery to your front door. If you want, you can keep your old one automobile in payment – and, thanks to a money-back guarantee, has 21 days to extensively test drive the new car. “As in other areas, the corona pandemic has led to the closure of physical sales rooms, which is why online car buying is becoming more and more established as a modern form,” says Hamza Saber, Managing Director of Autohero Germany.

medicines online

Online pharmacies have also experienced a strong upswing during the pandemic, as Bitkom reported last summer. 62 percent of the drugs surveyed on behalf of the industry association usually ordered via the Internet. In 2019, i.e. before Corona, around 46 percent said that they bought medicines mainly from online pharmacies; In 2018 it was only 33 percent.

And there is no end in sight to the trend towards more online trading in all areas. As the Federal Association of E-Commerce and Mail Order Germany (BEHV) announced at the beginning of 2022, sales in e-commerce increased to over 99 billion euros in 2021. In 2022, growth of 19% compared to the previous year is likely to be somewhat lower, but the 100 billion mark will still be broken.


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